X-Air Pro Audio / HiFi Spacers Review


X-Air Spacers ReviewX-Air Spacers Review: The X-Air Spacers are an affordable solution to prolonging the life of your Pro Audio / HiFi Equipment. They are simple, easy to install, and effective.


Excessive heat can reduce the lifespan and performance of your audio equipment regardless of component quality and, in a world where we can heavily invest in Hi-Fi or Pro Audio technology, heat produced by their internal components, such as transistors or processors, can have a detrimental impact on the output sound quality, or even shutdown your system. Crystal oscillators are a real example of an heat sensitive audio component that’s stability is critical to the timing accuracy in the sampling rate. Simply put, when the heat rises past a typical ambient temperature it can effect the crystals resonating frequency, thus impacting the coherence and dynamic range of the track being played. The problem with this is that space comes at a premium and often we don’t create an adequate environment for our expensive tech, sometimes we even stack our components atop one another which leads to a confined space where heat can further aggregate, create a hotspot, and lead to heat amplification. You see the other problem is that, despite the fact that engineers spend huge amounts of time designing the internal airflow, the external case is all about aesthetics and a substantial raised platform A) doesn’t look cool, and B) Costs more money to implement.

If, like myself, you don’t have any reservations about a one inch gap underneath your equipment, the X-Air spacers can come to the rescue . At £9.99 they’re ultra affordable and an effective solution to heat build up not only for HiFi/Pro Audio equipment, but also to other consumer gadgets. An Xbox 360 was measured before installing the X-Air spacers operating in TV cabinet at 50.9°c, after the X-Air spacers were installed the external ambient temperate was reduced by over 27°c (to 23.8°c). Potentially this reduction in ambient temperature could massively increase the lifespan of the item and give you greater peace of mind.

When the X-Air spacers arrive the packaging is fairly simple, there’s a transparent clamshell case and the spacers are clearly visible. Being made from a 10” x 1” x 0.5” black gloss 1mm thick oblong aluminium tube with plastic end caps, the X-Air spacers are a simple affair and can either be laid down on the 0.5” surface or the 1” surface. Included within the pack are four super grippy silicone feet that you can stick on the tubes, although it has to be said that I would have preferred 8 so that both the surface and your equipment is protected from the aluminium tubes to reduce scratching and the heat dissipation into the aluminium (where it can harbour). However, the quality of the material appears to be adequate for the purpose and I have observed no apparent defects. Undeniably the X-Air spacers could last you a lifetime in the right setting, but their size is perfect to sit underneath HiFi components or un-racked professional audio equipment.


At £9.99 a pair, the X-Air Spacers are a total bargain. The Pro Audio Web Blog awards the X-Air spacers with a four star rating.

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