The Madness Chronicles – Episode 37

In our 37th episode of the Madness Chronicles, we’ll appear at the madness of getting abundant in the course of a pandemic. Keep in mind, insanity is a state of getting mentally ill, severely, very foolish conduct, and a kind of frenzied or chaotic exercise. Let’s get a search at the insanity of pandemic profits.

As we start out this journey, hold in thoughts that businesses globally have been shuttered, eating places shut, and tens of millions of men and women out of function. With draconian lockdowns the norm, some resourceful folks make gold lemonade from the bitter lemons the relaxation of the earth delight in.

Just take Elon Musk, for occasion. A young entrepreneur, a billionaire creator of Tesla. You know that fancy electric vehicle with the battery that expenses much more than most other cars. ZeroHedge experiences that in the earlier yr, assume pandemic, lockdowns, and masks, Musks’ internet truly worth quadrupled to around $100 billion. Which is a lot of funds, no subject how you say it. Pretty spectacular, wouldn’t you say?

Effectively, just like everything in 2020, this looks a little bit off. Whilst Tesla proves, ‘profitable’ a peak under the covers reveals a peculiar 2020 tale. From 2010 to 2020, when reporting ‘profits,’ Tesla has gathered a staggering credit card debt of $5.6 billion. But hold out, weren’t there earnings at Tesla? Of class, but it looks they occur in the kind of selling’ regulatory credits’. Which netted them a awesome $397 million previous 12 months. So their gains came from ‘regulatory credits’ not selling new Tesla’s.

Purely speculation on my part, but Musk is utilizing the very same accounting organization that Dr. Tony Fauci and the CDC use to estimate Wuhan virus fatalities. I marvel how you get in on selling’ regulatory credits’? Nevertheless, Elon Musk is now the 2nd richest male in the planet to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

Speaking of Bezos, Forbes studies that given that the pandemic commenced, Bezos’ fortunes have increased to about $230 billion, growing over $90 billion in the yr of the pandemic. Keep in mind that is billion with a B. Other billionaires were not as lucky. Choose Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist, and self-proclaimed vaccine expert, Invoice Gates. Their wealth jumped a paltry 20%, putting his internet truly worth at $118 billion because March. The deer in the headlights Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg did much better than Gates with an 85% obtain to $101.2 billion.

General the United States is household to 644 billionaires. The current market will have to be as fickle as the virus by itself mainly because these billionaires’ wealth rose just about $1 trillion. That places these 644 folks now worth $3.88 trillion. That would be with a T. During the pandemic their fortunes rose by an astounding $934 billion. The $3.88 trillion wealth of these 644 standard folks is just about double the $2.1 trillion value of the bottom 50% of our country’s inhabitants, whose internet truly worth wasn’t rising.

Pandemics, it turns out, are humorous points. According to the CDC, this would be the 3rd pandemic in my life span. I had no idea the initial two took place, and listed here we have this just one the place you can catch it if you go to church but not if you go to Walmart. The damn matter should effect the monetary fortunes the similar way. The compact sliver of unmeasurable billionaires gains a fortune. At the exact same time, 50% of the rest are remaining sitting at the targeted visitors gentle. Odd times this 2020 has been.

May possibly we wake from this madness before it is really way too late. I would like you superior overall health, and until eventually following time, have enjoyment, get pleasure from existence, and enjoy out for the insanity among us. It is really 2020, and it can be obtaining out of hand.