Vehicle Stalls With the AC Turned on – AC Compressor Could Be Locked Up

1 of the primary leads to of a car or truck stalling with the A/C on is a seized compressor. If there is certainly screeching, smoking, stalling and the air blows warm out of the vents whenever the AC is turned on it can be a good guess that the compressor has locked up. If there is just a belt squealing but the auto won’t stall and the AC cools, far more than most likely the belt or the tensioner is worn. The most likely trigger of a car not idling substantial ample and at times stalling with the A/C turned on devoid of any of the other issues mentioned can be an IAC (Idle Air Regulate) motor.

*Keep in head the compressor could be scorching to the contact when examining.

How to check out for a locked up or seized compressor

  1. Try to convert the clutch plate (on the stop of the cpompressor).
  2. Making use of a socket on the nut that retains the clutch plate on – see if it can be turned.
  3. Glance for symptoms of the clutch plate in excess of-heating discoloration.

If the belt is loose it may possibly be since of a worn serpentine belt tensioner, but this by itself would not result in the auto to stall. A sticking IAC motor can result in the auto to stall. An IAC motor ordinarily receives carbon build up that can bring about sticking. If the idle isn’t going to go up when the AC is turned on the motor can stall. Quite a few times if this is the difficulty, the IAC motor can be taken off from the throttle system and cleaned with a brush and fuel injector spray and then re-installed.