Coronavirus – Historical Process of Wellbeing, Joy, Youth and Faith

Many confuse faith and rigid belief devices as very similar, although a lot more confuse faith and residual happiness as individual.

Spiritual religion tends to be doctrine-ridden. In how effectively we can preach literal tales as serious as opposed to experienced esoteric understanding.

And, of study course, true religion — literal or esoteric — can be viewed just about everywhere, in absolutely everyone and in each situation. Religion is when the Believed of God is absent, or, operating by way of divine normal unconsciously. Soon after-all, a believed of God is continue to only a imagined, it truly is a factor, it passes.

This term, ‘rigid belief systems’, I really feel, has caused substantially malfunction globally regards psychological wellbeing and physical effectively-being.

The gospels are not placing out religious belief techniques for any person. Not advocating rigorous ethical dictates to the extent that one is current robotic-like. Hence, not residing one’s normal flexibility status through the human body consciousness, stifles free of charge-flowing creative expression, the quite compound or mother nature of our Becoming.

As spiritual Beings, and as co-creators with God, individuals have been not produced to be locked absent from the ‘hell-world’ in spiritual caves, monasteries or institutional dungeons. (This is not referring to the current world wide lockdown).

If our humanity is hardly ever tested by the rules of nature, by the hustle, bustle and temptations of day by day residing, then how robust or abiding is our in excess of-all faith?

The exact applies to youth and well being.

Quite a few confuse absence of youth with chronological age, when in fact youth effectively is an interior state of perfectly-currently being, at any age.

Many confuse sick-wellness with fate or genetic inheritance. The truth is, we produce our possess common of health and fitness by the meals we eat and the views we entertain. This very simple structure of food stuff nourishment and psychological nourishment, provides the intellect-physique with the vital existence-force recognized as kundalini power.

In other words, food tends to make the system, whilst Spirit forms the soul.

The Bible is allegorical

So a lot confusion can come up based mostly on our belief units, our faith and our conventional perfectly-being. So allow us now tackle this clear confusion, in the non secular context.

Firstly, the Bible is presented in coded or symbolized language. Names, places and occasions refer to inner colleges, to altering states of consciousness.

The truth of the matter is, every soul from birth has innate faith. And bringing this to its best fruition in consciousness, calls for particular inward journey, not outer conditioning.

And even though lots of religions refer to the Bible, the Bible is not referring to ANY religion.

Genuine Heaven

The Bible’s essence is, was, and normally will be, present within just about every soul. Hence Jesus’ phrases, ‘the kingdom of heaven – Christ — is within’. This remaining the fact, why has so much emphasis, more than the generations, been put on the outer dynamic in acquiring Christ and Reality.

When scripture’s core soul-preserving information often existed – albeit with no an adequate verbal language to express such — the tenets existed in each heart in ignorance format, but which simply necessary instruction, not doctrine.

Obtaining a Self-revealing gospel consciousness — the wordless structure — phone calls for direct working experience of utter silence, immediate knowledge of our Better Self or Christ. In locating these kinds of, we will have located Genuine Heaven, Genuine Wisdom or immediate Revelation from in.

The actuality is, we never Require to bodily read particular scriptures in buy to obtain God within. Which means, if we by no means study a one word of scripture, then that’s fine with God far too. Once we have founded pure-silence in consciousness, and specific these kinds of by way of the coronary heart, then God will have no challenge selecting up on our compassionate-adore vibration, whatever our positional status in existence is — creed or non-creed.

The issue occurs, how do we appear upon the Bible’s main message with out studying it. How then do we unravel the gems of esoteric wisdom therein? How is ignorance dependent consciousness transformed obviously into Enlightened Awareness? What is the technique?

The solution to these issues are in the variety of still yet another issue.

Esoterically who or what is biblical Jesus?

Biblical, or esoteric, Jesus signifies interior Prospective: the perfect human the human soul in course of action of perfecting spiritually.

To this conclusion, the Bible reminds us that, Noah, was instructed the develop an Ark.

So, what was this Ark function which sooner or later came to relaxation atop of a mountain. What was the flood that God despatched to elevate Noah’s Ark?

The flood was a surge of transformational bliss-silence in to the intellect-body, the Ark.

Noah is symbolism for you-soul. And the mountain which the Ark came to relaxation upon was the Greater Peace, Ageless Pleasure, Christ Really like inside our very own consciousness. In other words, silence builds the non secular Ark or Head.

Biblical Jesus, as a result, symbolizes the divine spark likely in just each human seeking their eternal Christ Soul. Jesus, the spark, gets to be the Eternal Flame, the medium by which Christ-consciousness demonstrates as our quick acutely aware consciousness.

The Bible, hence, is not referring to historical persons, names or occasions. The Bible, being allegorical, is not meant to be taken literally. Names and destinations are references to spiritual happenings or awakenings within just the human intellect-entire body physiology.

These internal modifications stand for the biblical miracles as established out in Revelations 6 onwards less than the heading “the 7 seals” meaning the 7 non secular chakras alongside the spinal column which, from human delivery, are in have to have of activation for serving divinely, spiritually.

‘Miracles’ are what take place in our have consciousness. For that reason, awakening the indwelling dynamic, the Jesus-spark, produces the flood which raises the level of our Ark to Christ normal consciousness.

Igniting this spark-prospective is our only priority in lifestyle.

So, in this time of coronavirus, how then do we ignite the spark, this miracle potential as immunity protection. How do we cross the mire of ignorance-dependent overall health into condition-no cost consciousness? And, how do we raise our Ark and satisfy the total Bible’s concept the natural way from inside as meant?

The mystery is convergence

Have you ever puzzled why so a lot of historic churches experienced a spire created into their construction, and why a Bell was positioned within the major of the spire?

The subliminal spire message is, convergence, with the Bell symbolizing non secular vibration or divine emanations from the spire point.

When all mental faculties grow to be centered or concentrated to a position, we grow to be as spire, inwardly con-verged to what Revelations refers to as the 7th seal, the pineal gland in mid mind.

Spire place will consider the awareness to its optimum religious amount, that of Ark consciousness. In this article, feeling consciousness will become reworked outside of phenomenal existence into the transcendental condition of unbounded cosmic recognition. No illness can exist listed here.

Infinity remaining the borderless condition, it signifies the maximum phase of our evolution listed here on earth. This is soul liberation from the clutches of ignorance-lifetime or ‘hell’. And even nevertheless we have been in this article numerous times formerly, this blessed Bliss condition can be secured completely right here on earth, in this daily life-time.

Convergence and the 3rd Eye

Converge means ‘con’ or be part of the verge(s) into issue. Sensible convergence in essence is a system main to pointed recognition, localized between the eyebrows in the mid brain. This mind level is of divine stature.

Also acknowledged as the 3rd eye – Eye of the soul – convergence is the entry position into expanded awareness, into peace and ailment-free of charge consciousness. Frequent convergence at 3rd eye point is required. This in time provides about the immunity, the joy and the peace every single soul yearns. This is transcendental pure consciousness.

This is how the intellect gets infinity-infused, immortality-acquainted, or, infinity-recognizing.

The expression Infinity-infusion is a realistic expression by means of which to specific the summary borderless condition. The borderless point out is Pure Existence. Hence, starting to be Pure Existence is the encoded character of just about every soul seed. To pollinate this seed, we are ‘called’ to convergence, pointed silence, there to re-beginning out of the human problem into Eternal Spirit.

For this metamorphosis ‘event’, the reduced ego is surrendered unto pure inner silence therefore undergoing ‘crucifixion’ – this is the purification process – reduce-self dying to Bigger Self awakening.

Consider caterpillar into butterfly. It can be the very same for individuals other than we human beings morph or renovate into God Spirit.

The In-Spired Condition

In convergence meditation, neighborhood consciousness transcends time, place and causation. Coming out of meditation, consciousness retains much of infinity-infused silence right until our future meditation. Therefore, typical 2 times each day meditation guarantees long-lasting infinity-infused recognition or human consciousness witnessing divinely.

In continual convergence, the phenomenal planet collapses into issue, into infinity – they are each the exact same. Place has the DNA of infinity and infinity has the DNA of stage. They are eternally inseparable. Consequently, understanding infinity, immortality, is the God-provided opportunity of every single soul.

Though scriptures certainly perform a crucial job in the beginning, finally, it is you as ‘I’ – minus belief devices — which enters the pure silence. It is this ‘I’ which then turns into the Risen Christ, the Risen Consciousness. In other phrases, the Resurrection is within just.

The nomadic brain miracles no far more for morsels of second-hand knowledge and outer planet conditioning. Convergence has brought the soul Residence. Our existence goal is fulfilled.

Our liberated soul now reflects the Mild and Knowledge of God.

So be it. Blessings. formula+by+raymond+phelan&ref=nb_sb_noss