A Nearer Search At Automobile Audio Crossovers

Car audio crossovers are a course of digital filters built for use in audio programs this sort of as hello-fi. A dynamic loudspeaker driver that is usually utilised is incapable of covering the total audio spectrum all by itself.

Crossovers break up the audio signal into different frequency bands which can be managed by individual loudspeaker motorists optimized for those people frequency bands. Let us just take a nearer seem at Kenwood’s KE-600 Crossover, KPX-F801 Crossover and Kenwood KPX-L101 Crossover.

Kenwood KE-600 Crossover

Kenwood KE-600, a person of the most advanced signal processors, is a 6-Way digital crossover with created-in parametric equalizer and a DC to DC electrical power supply for superior voltage outputs and lower noise.

It has input choice, period switching, variable amount controls and the pursuing outputs: subwoofer, lower-pass, very low-cut, superior-reduce and substantial-go. It is a wonderful ingredient for multi-amp installations and is readily available for all around $370.


● DC to DC converter.

● Higher-frequency output.

● Input selector.

● Unique stage switches.

● Subwoofer output from 30Hz to 800Hz (very low-go).

● 6-way multi-amp configuration.

● Variable amount controls.

Kenwood KPX-F801 Crossover
Kenwood KPX-F801 Crossover is a 3-way passive crossover network. It is obtainable for all over $75.


● Guard circuit that safeguards against extreme tweeter inputs.

● Specific capacitors and inductors for audio reason.

● Phase inverter swap for midrange and tweeter.

Kenwood KPX-L101 Crossover

Kenwood KPX-L101 Crossover is a reduced-go passive crossover community. It is obtainable for $50.


● Unique capacitor and inductor for audio goal.

● 80Hz crossover.

Try to remember, an audio crossover splits the incoming audio signal into different bands that do not overlap at all, and which, when added with each other, presents the sign unchanged in both of those frequency and stage response.