Oculus Rift Announces Crescent Bay Prototype For Audiophiles

Oculus Rift Anounce Crescent Bay For AudiophilesThere was one product at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 that got everybody talking. Virtual reality specialists Oculus Rift used the event to unveil its new headset, which has been designed to give maximum quality audio. At the show, Oculus Rift demonstrated the Crescent Bay prototype for the first time and gave consumers the opportunity to demo the new product.

The new headset isn’t just good news for audiophiles, it will add new depths to virtual reality gaming. In a recentblog post, Oculus explained how Head Related Transfer Function or HRTF, when used alongside head tracking, can allow a user to become deeply immersed into the virtual reality world and experience truly realistic sound effects that help to enhance the virtual reality environment further still.

HRTF allows for a smooth audio experience and enables a completely natural sound, which helps to enhance the virtual reality world.

New Features

The main feature of the new headset is the improved audio, or VR Audio, which helps to immerse users greater into a game.

In order to create the audio capabilities, Oculus Rift has worked with Visionics to license its Real Space 3D Audio technology, which integrates into its new prototype; this technology is regularly used in virtual reality gaming, regular gaming, and the music and movie industry to give the best audio sound quality possible.

Moreover, Oculus announced plans to feature integrated headphones in its Crescent Bay prototype to further enhance the audio quality and bring virtual reality to life.

The new headset includes 360 degree tracking, integrated audio, higher resolution and 3D Real Space 3D Audio Specialisation.

A set date has not been given for its launch, but it is likely that the new virtual reality headset will become available sometime in 2015; the product won’t be available in countries outside the United States for a while, but Oculus are working on a deal to make the superior quality audio product available in other countries around the world.

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