Apple Aquires Stats Tracker Symetrics

A British based music data business named Semetrics has been brought up by Apple. It is thought that the purchase of the company will play a large part in the Apple Beats Music Service when it’s relaunched later this year and, in true Apple fashion, the Cupertino super-giant has not officially commented on the the reason for their latest acquisition.

It is widely speculated that Apple’s interest in Semetrics lies within their ‘Musicmetric’ analysis tool thats smart algorithm aggregates sales data, streaming figures, file sharing stats, and social media interest, amongst others, and presents a projected report into how a certain artist is performing.

Musicmetric has the ability to track and provide detailed statistics on more than 2 million artists and following its success,Semetrics now supplies data for eBooks, video games, film and television shows.

Although Apple have yet to give any firm details on its Beats Music relaunch,re/code reports that Apple is in talks with the main labels in the music industry over the new rights and services that Beats Music will offer.

One of the major plans includes a price reduction for the monthly subscription, which is rumoured to be reduced to less than $10 a month; the Financial Times speculations that the new look Beats Music subscription service will come installed on the Apple iPhone.

It hasn’t been revealed how much Apple paid for Semetrics, but the Financial Times speculates that the deal was worth in the region of $50 million (US).

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