Sontronics STC-3X Microphone Pack Review


Sontronics STC-3X Review. The STC-3X microphone pack is a brilliant comprehensive recording solution for semi-professional music production musician.

Review Preface:

Sontronics STC-3XLast month here at The Pro Audio Web Blog we had the pleasure of reviewing the Sontronics Dm-1B and we all were astounded by that wonderful microphone offering; so here we are again opening another Sontronics box. The STC-3X is a large diaphragm condenser microphone bundle very reasonably priced at £239.00 (Digital Village) and we have to say that this British company are genius’ in product design and execution of quality pro audio gear so I was eager to try this microphone!


The STC-3x comes with everything you would expect from a mid range microphone bundle which includes the shock mount, pop filter, cable and of course the mic itself. Nothing to write home about with packaging or presentation, however the packaging is soon thrown to one side when you take the mic out of the foam. Before you is presented the striking Sontronics microphone logo which is stamped on a very ‘U47’ style capsule. This microphone sports 3 polar patterns, cardioid, bi-directional and omnidirectional. It also features a 3 stage filter too, linear, 75hz and 150hz.

Build Quality:

Before we get to the microphone, I would like to say well done to Sontronics for taking the time to get the accessories right. The shock mount is of as a similar high quality I would expected from other microphones I have used/owned that have been much more expensive. The pop filter as well is of a sound quality, and worked perfectly during some vocal plosive and sibilance tests. It may seem that we should expect these things to just work anyway and why am I making the fuss? Because a lot of times budget microphone packages just try and skimp on these factors to far. Not the case for Sontronics at all. Now onto the microphone it’s self, the capsule is much heavier that I first thought it would be with it feeling sturdy and solid when I set it up on a stand for the tests. The selector switches also didn’t feel cheap or lose and there was a affirmative ‘click’ to let you know when you had switched successfully between polar patterns or filters.

Sound Quality:

I tested the STC-3X on acoustic guitars as well as vocals and the sonic capture is of a moderate standard across the spectrum, as you would expect from a £200-£300 microphone package. The high end is a little flat and lacks some sparkle, this is mostly apparent on vocals. However this is a small issue that very basic EQ’s can rectify. The STC-3X I believe preformed best on the acoustic guitar. The sound was full and I was pleasantly surprised on how well the bass frequencies where translated with this mic. As I have said before the microphone has a -10db and -20db pads as well as a 3 stage filter. These additional options can give this microphone a very versatile role in you mic collection. I found the 75hz and 150hz filters useful in smoothing out the boomy quality of a very resonate acoustic guitar.

Review Conclusion:

In my opinion, the STC-3X is an excellent microphone package, that will give the user room to push their recordings far beyond their expectations for the price they paid. With Sontronics’s attention to detail with all aspects of this microphone, twinned with its top sound for low price, The Pro Audio Web Blog gives the Sontronics STC-3X pack 4 stars.

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