Affordable Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is fast becoming a must have for the home and for the work place. The long held opinion that only the rich and famous could afford the luxury of smart home technology and that a home cinema was only ever seen on MTV’s Cribs, is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. As technology continues to advance at breakneck speed, the result has been a competitive technology market where companies strive to provide high quality at low cost.The Pro Audio Web Blog

So, how do you go about impressing your friends and family with your multi-room audio systems and home cinemas without spending a year’s salary in one go? I’ve handpicked a couple of items that will instantly transform your home, without the price tag.

Products which are bringing previously considered luxury activities into our homes at affordable prices include the Apple Airport Express and Apple TV. With the Apple Airport Express, here is a device, which at £79, is great value for money when you consider that once it’s connected onto your wireless network, you have a secure wi-fi hotspot, wireless AirPlay music streamer and network printing all available from one device.

What’s more is that not only does it work as a single room wireless audio setup but add another Airport Express to another Hi-Fi and you can AirPlay audio to two hi-fis in your home, add a third and you have three zones of audio in your home! With no limit on how many rooms you want audio streamed to and without the great expense, this truly utilises your existing equipment to build your very own, not to mention affordable, multi room audio system.

What about something for the film buff? Well, for £99, you can bring Apple TV into your home and with it, all the music, films, videos and apps that you enjoy every day via iTunes. Goodbye to the days of watching your favourite show on Netflix on your tiny laptop screen because Apple TV brings smart functions to a non-smart TV with built in Netflix, YouTube and Vimeo apps – what more could a film lover ask for?

Apple TV has built in AirPlay audio and video functions meaning you can send videos from your iPhone or iPad to your living room TV, wirelessly. Open the BBC iPlayer app on your iPad and send the stream through Apple TV to your big screen, all without wires. Apple TV is yet another affordable device that allows you to maximize the capabilities of your IOS device and provides you with a ROI on your iTunes purchased media – sounds perfect to me!

As our homes continue to change with the introduction of new smart home technologies and as we evolve our way of thinking to live with them and maximise the benefits they bring, isn’t it reassuring to know that you’ll still be able to afford a good bottle of wine to sit and admire it all with at the end of the day?

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