Pandora Is To Be Incorporated Into The Apple Watch

The streaming service Pandora has announced that its service is to be part of the new Apple watch. Writing in a post on the official Pandora blog, Chris Martin, Chief Technology Officer, said Pandora had been with the iPhone and the iPad since the official launch, and Pandora would be available on the new watch from the start.

Users of Pandora will have the ability to listen to their tracks efficiently, and songs that are currently playing can be easily viewed by taking a quick glance at the “Now Playing” screen.

Additional features will allow Pandora users to get easy access to music notifications and to music volume control.

Commenting in the blog post, Chris Martin said:

“We are always on the lookout for the devices that are going to be immensely popular, and we feel that the Apple Watch marks another occasion to provide the best lean-back music experience. We also recognize that many of you use multiple devices when listening to Pandora (from TV’s to Game Consoles to Connected Speakers), and the launch of Pandora on Apple Watch is another example of our commitment to being available whenever and wherever you want to listen to your favorite music”.

Martin also pledged that Pandora would continue to find ways to create “seamless listening technologies” on new devices/technology.

The Apple Watch – complete with Pandora – will launch on April 24, 2015.

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