New Music Release Dates To Be Standardised

It has been announced that from the summer of 2015, new music releases will be standardised. New singles and albums will be issued at 00:01 internationally every Friday at local time so music lovers worldwide will know exactly when to look out for the latest releases.

The announcement comes after consultations between unions, artists, retailers, record companies and artists. Representatives for thousands of record companies across the globe were involved with the consultations, along with major retailers such as HMV, Spotify, iTunes and Napster.

As well as helping to create a sense of occasion, with eager music fans anticipating the new music releases on a Friday, the standardised release date will ease the frustration music fans experience at being unable to buying new music at the same time.

Commenting on the plans, Mike Batt, chairman of the Dramatico label, told The Guardian:

“A global release day has the potential to build additional excitement around the release of new music.”

“Artists today communicate with their fans on a global scale through platforms such as Twitter. To be able to promote their new albums and singles to fans worldwide simultaneously will be a great advantage. Fans are also more likely to be online and in-store on the weekend, so it makes sense to have our new releases out on Friday and ready for them.”

And Frances Moore of the IFPI explained:

“…an aligned global release day puts an end to the frustration of not being able to access releases in their country when the music is available in another country. This is particularly prevalent in a world united by social media, where fans can instantly see friends or family in other countries enjoying the music they want…”

Moore added:

“…by creating a single day for new releases across the world, it’s an opportunity to re-awaken the excitement and anticipation of new music everywhere. Many artists feel the sense of an event in releasing music has been diminished. That is why the artists involved in the discussion around the project have been so fired up by the concept…”

However, Martin Mills of The Beggar’s Group told The Guardian the announcement could be restrictive for niche music.

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