The BPI Has a New Copyright Protection Portal

The BPI Has a New Copyright Protection PortalOne of the biggest downsides to the amazing capabilities of the modern digital age is the fact that copyright infringement is so rife online. Movies, television and of course music are all at the whims of various websites that provide methods of consuming these creative properties without as much as a bit of recognition for their creators. Luckily more is being done to help protect artists and their intellectual properties, as witness by the British Phonographic Industry’s latest (BPI) announcement.

At the recent Midem press conference held in Cannes on June 6th, BPI revealed their new Copyright Protection Portal. It has been created with the intention of being able to help the various workers of the music industry – record labels, musicians and businesses – to establish and monitor how their work is being illegally distributed online. Not only that, but it will also provide them with an insight as to what BPI, the British music industry’s trade association, is doing to tackle the on-going issue.

Anyone who is member of the BPI will have free access to the portal, as do performers belonging to the PPL, along with registered PPL members belonging to the of The Association of Independent Music (AIM). With the use of this portal, those in the music industry can do more than ever to prevent piracy of their work.

By using the portal, all users can upload their catalogues of music into the BPI’s crawler technology. This is allows users to then view which pirated and illegal material has been stopped from being distributed or generally disturbed in its attempts to do so.

Essentially it will showcase all of the work that has been done to prevent any of the pirated material from successfully being distributed in its various formats. From infringing links that have been removed from search engines such as Google to links that are illegally hosted on websites that have not sought permission from the required places – everything that is being done with the artists material can be monitored. This also includes the most popular pirated songs and what websites are providing them; allowing a much better insight into what is happening to the artists material.

BPI Chief Executive Geoff Taylor had great things to say about the portal when speaking at the Midem conference

“BPI is absolutely committed to protecting the creativity, hard work and investment of UK musicians and labels. We are the leading force removing illegal copies of British music online and preventing illegal sites from targeting UK fans. This new portal will allow musicians and labels to see how our team is protecting their music on a daily basis. It will help us work together directly with more individual labels and performers and build further on the progress we are making in reducing music piracy levels in the UK.”

The director of copyright protection at the BPI also spoke out about the work done by BPI to combat illegal music distribution, and how the Copyright Protection Portal

“The BPI’s Copyright Protection Unit is always exploring new ways to ensure music is enjoyed legitimately online. In such a fast-moving digital sector, we have to be ahead of those who feel it is justified to illegally distribute music and make money off other people’s creativity.

The daily updating of this Portal will be critical in helping us to protect more music repertoire than ever before and we hope that the industry will work with us to ensure it does the job it has been set up to do. We’re extending an invitation to anyone who is interested to visit us at Midem or back in London to find out more.”

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