BitTorrent Launches PayGate For Artists

Following the success of Thom Yorke’s ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’ BitTorrent bundle, which has sold more than 4 million units, the company has announced that it is to allow all artists to make paid for content available through its platform via a paygate.

To mark the official launch of the paygate, which will allow artists to charge a fee for bundles, the file sharing site has made the 2004 albumFlorida by Diplo available. The 11-track album achieved 1.2 million downloads so far, and it is currently available for $5.00.

All artists that market their content via BitTorrent can add paygates to their material by adding a new bundle and choosing the “paygate option”; new users can take advantage of the added features when they sign up to the site.

Commenting in a statement, Matt Mason, chief content officer for BitTorrent,said:

“Taylor Swift sparked debate over the state of music in recent weeks; the value of a stream, the value of a record.”

“The value of art shouldn’t be up for debate. It should be up to artists. Our goal with BitTorrent Bundle is to restore control to creators. We’re opening up applications for paygates to all publishers: allowing artists to sell content direct to fans, on their terms, while keeping 90 percent of sales revenue.”

BitTorrent bundles were first introduced in 2013; they act like a paywall. By purchasing a bundle, music fans can get to download the content that they want, but only for a limited number of times, before the content is locked. Other content producers such as writers and comedians can also make their material available on the site.

Alice in Chains, Moby and Azaelia Banks are among the artists that have already signed up to offer a Bundle via the BitTorrent Platform.

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