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Welcome to The Pro Audio Web Blog! This is the definitive Professional, Hi-Fi, and Consumer Audio website that is operated on behalf our users. We are an independent non-profit authority that actively works with over 200 of the worlds leading manufacturers and distributors. In fact we have been active since 2012! Since then we have prepared over 130 reviews, over 150 news articles, over 30 top name interviews and tutorials, processed over £100,000 worth of incoming technology, produced over half a million words, have over 1,000,000 YouTube views, cater for over 40,000 monthly views, have over 17,000 Twitter followers, and impartially helped tens of thousands of people decide which technology they want to invest in. We aim to produce the most detailed reviews and present them in such a way that their content is easily understood by everyone.

The Pro Audio Web Blog is one of the most widely respected independent online authorities and, as such, our work is published on an overwhelming number of manufacturers websites. Unlike some others, our reviews are never processed as a result of personal acquisitions, and every single review is processed as a result of the manufacturer or distributor choosing to forward their product over to us for analysis. Consequently we have been sponsored and endorsed by some incredible brands whilst still retaining our independent and impartial authority. These brands do not sponsor us financially, they have given us their equipment or have granted an extended loan to allow us to keep producing detailed reviews for years to come. Below you can see exactly who these special companies are:

Audient Beyerdynamic Fostex Logo Van Damme LCN Heir Audio Vermilion Audio Sponsor COMPLY

Meet the team:

Edd Harris

Edd HarrisWelcome! I’m Edd, a twenty-something passionate engineer, consultant, and avid audiophile. I created The Pro Audio Web Blog back in 2012 after noticing that the Internet didn’t seem to have a truly independent and unbiased review authority. With a prominent and successful musical history that has spanned almost twenty years, the acquisition of a First Class Honours degree in Popular Music and Record Production, a string of sponsorships and scholarships, and the receipt of various touching awards, I knew the possibility of creating something was there, but what I didn’t know was the sheer learning learning curve of website design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and server actions. Who knew it would be this difficult? Anyway, after months of learning The Pro Audio Web Blog became a thing and people seemed to like what we were doing. Now, over two years later, we work with over 260 international manufacturers and actively help develop some incredible products… Crazy, but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world!

Here at The Pro Audio Web Blog we opt to work in a relaxed environment where suits are far from mandatory. We may speak the Queens in our reviews, but this is to be as transparent as possible. It’s ‘super mega’ important for us to remain frank and honest with our readership, and clients, so that we can help them decide what products would fit seamlessly into their workflow and hopefully help make some awesome music.

At The Pro Audio Web Blog you can trust us 100%. We never succumb to sneaky advertising paychecks, nor do we accept anything other than gratitude as a payment. Our soul priority is to explain the performance of a product simply. To do this accurately I have imposed a strict rule that makes sure that each product has been rigorously tested for a minimum of two weeks before we go anywhere near a pen and paper. Often this extended time with a product shows us exactly what it is made of. Anyway, I like to thank you for landing on The Pro Audio Web Blog and I hope that you’ll stick around to keep up to date with our content. Much love fellow music lovers!

Chris Pavey:

Chris PaveyWelcome all, I’m Chris! I was fortunate enough to become one of Edd’s team in the earliest days of The Pro Audio Web Blog, and since this moment the business has grown faster and wider than either of us would have imagined. The most exciting thing about working for The Pro Audio Web Blog, is that we are always working on providing a first class service that makes a difference in conjunction with both our users and clients. At the same time we work extremely hard to expand and cover as much ground as humanly possible…

Through obtaining a First Class Honours degree in Music Technology, at the University of Hertfordshire, I am always able to lend my knowledge and skills into developing this collaboration, whilst further developing my own growing passion for the industry. In fact I have an very strong musical background from live sound engineering, music production, and mastering. Throughout this time I have been privileged enough to be working with a number of the next generation of up and coming artists from a wide background of genres through my ‘Chris Pavey Mastering’ company.

So what is my role on here? My role at The Pro Audio Web Blog is primarily as journalist, technology reviewer, and Assistant CEO to Edd Harris. My day-to-day involvement includes the thorough review of technology for you; the pro audio community and between this, Edd and I continue to expand our industry connections and explore every avenue to bring you the facts and figures that you want to know.

Kris Gamble:

Kris GambleI live and work in the Highlands of Scotland and I’m a happily married father of one. My work history is a blend of military, commercial and residential installations. I served for 7 years as a Royal Air Force electronics technician specialising in telecommunications. My expertise in fibre optic and copper cabling meant I was involved in installations worldwide.

After leaving the RAF in 2006 I worked with a private telecom firm, project managing business telephone and data network installations. In 2008 I undertook my own self-build home project and flood wired the property with Cat 6 cable as a future ready measure and this sparked the idea of starting the Highlands’ first custom install company. Customised was founded in 2008, offering services in both residential and commercial sectors but from 2011 the business focused solely on affordable Smart Home Technology installations. I opened the Highlands’ first and only Smart Home demo rooms in Dingwall, Ross shire. I must also add that I’m a home cinema and hi-fi geek so this is the perfect blend of hobby/job!

Ines Punessen:

Ines PunessenInes is yet another one of those First Class Graduates, and unlike the last time, she is slightly different because the degree she holds is in of Popular Music Journalism. In addition to this she is currently studying for her masters at the Sussex University.

She is a lovely person to work with and is what I would usually call ‘the voice of reason’. If anything isn’t quite right, just like myself, Ines makes it known so that we can get everything as close to perfection as possible. It was often throughout our time at university I used to say that ‘Ines, you just makes things work’. When I refer to this it is to state that she one of the most reliable people, a person you can count on to get things done and sometimes make the impossible possible.

​Ines, who is originally from Germany has many connections in high places and has interviewed some incredibly famous artists, some of which you will get to read about in the ‘Interviews’ section. She is very much our ‘supplier’ of quality interviews on here.

Sean Lewis:

Sean LewisHello all, my name is Sean. I’m a Southampton based music journalist and the ‘go to’ resident news bloke at The Pro Audio Web Blog. Here at The Pro Audio Web Blog it’s my job to keep you up to date with all goings on within the music industry, from piracy debates, to the invention technology, and what makes people create music in the way that they do. Saying this I talk about a lot of different topics on here and always will deliver the music news that actually matters to you.

I come from contributing to blogs such as Ram Zine, Electric Banana and The Alternative Review, where I have interviewed a diverse range of acts. I am also the current reviews editor over at Audio Addict. Currently I am studying Popular Music Journalism at Southampton Solent University, and will graduate in 2014. Our CEO Edd is a graduate of the same university, so that’s where the connections come from. If you have any questions, or would like me to produce any relevant articles that you would like to see more of then please feel free to fire an email over to me.

Just a few brands we’re working with…

To date we have worked with some incredible clients including: AMS Neve, API, Chord Electronics, McIntosh, Bowers & Wilkins, Bang & Olufsen, Grado, Benchmark Media, Yamaha, Prism Sound, Lynx Studio Technologies, Metric Halo, Arturia, Blue Microphones, Millennia, Korg, Vox, Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica, Waldorf, Musical Fidelity, Computer Audio Design (CAD), Event Electronics, Fostex, ARCAM, Light Harmonic, Noble Audio, DPA, Goldring, Sonic Studio, Heir Audio, Audient, IK Multimedia, Symetrix, Positive Grid, QED, Q Acoustics, Sontronics, KEF, Softube, SPL, The Chord Company, Equator Audio, Warm Audio, Lindell Audio, Van Damme, IsoAcoustics, Roklocker, Persona Medical, Inspired Instruments, Rob Papen, Fluid Audio, Channel D, Sonic Studio, NAD, Pulselocker, HorNET Plugins, Askew Labs, Meris Sound, Bravo Audio, and Vermilion Audio.