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Welcome to The Pro Audio Web Blog News page. Here we work hard only to bring you the latest and most relevant music industry news that matters to you. We won’t confuse you with details or confusing terms, instead we present news in a format that is easy to read and explanatory. If you would like to see more news articles about a certain topic then please contact us and we will do everything we can to serve.

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BitTorrent Launches PayGate For Artists

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 26th November 2014

Following the success of Thom Yorke’s ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’ BitTorrent bundle, which has sold more than 4 million units, the company has announced that it is to allow all artists to make paid for content available through its platform via a paygate. To mark the official launch of the paygate, which will allow artists to charge a fee for bundles, the file sharing site has made the 2004 album Florida by Diplo available. The 11-track album achieved 1.2 million downloads so far, and it is currently available for $5.00. All artists that market their content via BitTorrent can add paygates to their material by adding a new bundle and choosing the “paygate option”; new users can take advantage of the added features when they sign…


BitTorrent Launches PayGate For Artists Advised News

Vinyl Album Sales Soar - Best For Two Decades

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 5th December 2014

Figures newly released by the BPI show that vinyl is truly making a comeback. Many artists are choosing to issue their albums in vinyl format, which has led to sales reaching 1 million for the first time in nearly two decades. Vinyl sales made the million milestone in November 2014; with the Christmas spending period, which is crucial to sales figures, the BPI predicts that total vinyl figures for 2014 will reach 1.2 million. This will be the best performance for vinyl since the 1996 Britpop era. However, despite the growing interest in vinyl, it still remains a niche product accounting for just 2% of the recording market sector in the United Kingdom, but it does seem to appeal to all demographics including baby…


Apple Anti-Trust Lawsuit Begins

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 8th December 2014

A billion-dollar anti-trust lawsuit against Apple has begun in the United States. The company is being accused of using “unfair tactics” to enable it to stay ahead of their rivals in the digital music business. Attorneys are representing 8 million Apple iPod users and resellers; emails sent by the former Apple CEO Steve Jobs are playing a crucial role in the case. It is alleged that Apple began an internal campaign once they learned that a competitor was preparing to launch a new service that would allow its users to purchase music from a variety of sources and then play it on an Apple iPod. During to the trial it will be argued that Apple made changes to the iPod and iTunes software so that it was impossible for music…


Vinyl Album Sales Soar - Best For Two Decades Apple Anti-Trust Lawsuit Begins Advised News Casual News

Spotify Music Founder Wants To Highlight Artists Value

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 24th December 2014

In an interview with Billboard Magazine, Daniel Ek, the CEO of the music streaming service Spotify has said that he wants more artists to understand the value of the website and how it can help their sales. During the interview, Ek was asked about Taylor’s Swift decision to withdraw her music from Spotify and what it had learned from the experience. Swift decided to remove her music from the site as it would only be accessible to paid users of Spotify, and not its free members. However, Ek made it clear in his Billboard Magazine interview that the music streaming site would not be changing its stance anytime soon. Nevertheless, during the Billboard magazine interview Ek did indicate that Spotify would be taking measures…


SnapChat Plans To Launch Record Label

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 25th December 2014

The recent leaks from Sony Entertainment have led to a a few revelations that they would have rather have kept quiet, however, it has also revealed some interesting negotiations between Sony and SnapChat, which had been planning to launch a record label of its own. Musicweek reports that plans for the record label were discussed in emails between Evan Spiegel, the CEO of SnapChat, and Dennis Kooker, who acts as Sony’s president of global digital business. If it did come into fruition, the record label would help to promote artists that Spiegel wants to use the SnapChat platform. At the time of writing it is still not known whether or not SnapChat will go on to launch its record label, but as the emails show…


Spotify Music Founder Wants To Highlight Artists Value SnapChat Plans To Launch Record Label Advised News Casual News SnapChat Plans To Launch Record Label

YouTube Refuses To Remove 20,000 Copyrighted Tracks

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 3rd January 2015

A music rights organisation has threatened to take action against YouTube on the behalf of major stars such as Pharrell Williams and The Eagles. Global Music Rights (GMR), which was established in 2013 by Irving Azoff, claims that the Google-owned video sharing website doesn’t have the correct licences in place. Recently, The Hollywood Reporter detailed how YouTube had refused to remove 20,000 videos even though take down notices had been sent and in November, Howard King, a lawyer for GMR sent a letter to YouTube requesting that the songs be taken down due to its “failure to obtain public performance licenses” and states that each time that one of the songs is played it constitutes a “wilful copyright infringement”…


YouTube Refuses To Remove 20k Copyrighted Tracks Advised News YouTube Refuses To Remove 20k Copyrighted Tracks

Ticket Touting Comes Under Fire By Big Boy Industry Reps.

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 12th January 2015

A number of high profile organisations and managers for chart bands such as One Direction have come together to help counter the growing issue of people selling concert tickets online for a profit. Over 80 individuals representing the entertainment industry have signed a letter to The Independent asking the government to consider the fans when it comes to the sale of concert tickets. The publication of the letter came before a Commons debate over the resale of gig tickets. Under new guidelines that are being discussed by the House of Commons, resellers would have to give more information about the tickets they are selling including whether or not reselling it is a breach of the terms and conditions. Monday’s…


Ticket Touting Comes Under Fire Advised News Ticket Touting Comes Under Fire Spotify

Case Argued For Tax Breaks In The Music Industry

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 20th January 2015

Tim Ingham, the editor of Music Business Worldwide, has stated the music industry in the United Kingdom needs tax breaks if it is going to encourage a new generation of rock stars. Tax breaks are already in place for some creative industries including filmmaking and animation, however, no such tax breaks exist in the music business. In an interview with Team Rock, Ingham criticised a recent report from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. While the report states that creative industries in the UK are worth more than £8.8 million an hour, and that employment is increasing in the music industry, Ingham still feels that the report doesn’t give a true impression of the business, specifically the role that artists and repertoire…


Case Argued For Tax Breaks In The Music Industry Important News Music Tax Break

L.A. Rapper Sells Album For $1,000 a Copy

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 21st January 2015

Many artists are breaking away from the traditional ways of marketing and selling their music; now a US-based rapper is charging a four figure sum for a CD that is available for free online. Nipsey Hussle, who is currently on his Mailbox Money Tour, has come up with a unique idea to make money from his music. His new album, Mailbox Money is being offered free on the Internet, however, if people want to be a copy of the CD, they’ll have to stump up $1,000. The CD copies will be limited to just one hundred, and in an interview with The Guardian, the Los Angeles-born rapper states it is a strategy that is working; he’s already sold sixty copies. In the interview, the rapper explained that charging such a high price for the album…


LA Rapper Sells Album For $1,000 a Copy

Apple Aquires Stats Tracker Symertics

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 22nd January 2015

A British based music data business named Semetrics has been brought up by Apple. It is thought that the purchase of the company will play a large part in the Apple Beats Music Service when it’s relaunched later this year and, in true Apple fashion, the Cupertino super-giant has not officially commented on the the reason for their latest acquisition. It is widely speculated that Apple’s interest in Semetrics lies within their ‘Musicmetric’ analysis tool thats smart algorithm aggregates sales data, streaming figures, file sharing stats, and social media interest, amongst others, and presents a projected report into how a certain artist is performing. Musicmetric has the ability to track and provide detailed statistics…


Apple Aquires Stats Tracker Symetrics Casual News Casual News Nipsy Hussle - Cresnshaw MusicMetric

Oculus Rift Announce Crescent Bay Audiophile Device

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 25th January 2015

There was one product at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 that got everybody talking. Virtual reality specialists Oculus Rift used the event to unveil its new headset, which has been designed to give maximum quality audio. At the show, Oculus Rift demonstrated the Crescent Bay prototype for the first time and gave consumers the opportunity to demo the new product. The new headset isn’t just good news for audiophiles, it will add new depths to virtual reality gaming. In a recent blog post, Oculus explained how Head Related Transfer Function or HRTF, when used alongside head tracking, can allow a user to become deeply immersed into the virtual reality world and experience truly realistic sound effects that…


Oculus Rift Announces Crescent Bay Prototype For Audiophiles

Universal Teams Up With Video Label ‘Volta Music’

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 2nd February 2015

Universal Publishing Production Music has announced a partnership with Volta. According to the statement on the website the label will concentrate on recorded music for video game advertising, drama productions and theatrical trailers. The first releases will include with music that people will be familiar with from campaigns such as Ridley Scots Exodus: Gods and Kings, Mortal Instruments: City of bones and Tarzan 3-D. Initially there will be four albums on the Volta label and UPPM say they are working with a global team of music composers, sound designers and music supervisors. John Clifford, UK general manager, Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM), is quoted on Music Week as saying…


Universal Music Teams Up With Video Label ‘Volta Music’

Tidal Streaming Service’s Parent Is Sold To Jay Z

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 4th February 2015

A company with links to the rapper Jay Z has just brought the Swedish-based music streaming business Aspiro, a site which offers audio and visual content on a subscription basis. A decision to agree to the sale was announced on the company’s website on January 30, 2015. Project Panther Bidco Limited, which is linked indirectly to S. Carter Enterprises LLC, publicly announced its decision to make an offer for Aspiro earlier this year. According to a press release issued by Mooreland Enterprises, which will be advising Aspiro on the bid, the offer values the company at $56 million. The bid will mean that Project Panther Bidco will own at least 90% of the business and will be just one of many music-related…


Tidal Streaming Service’s Parent Is Sold To Jay Z Casual News Oculus Rift Universal Music Tidal Music Streaming Advised News Advised News

The NME Won’t Go Free… Yet.

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 20th February 2015

Despite dwindling circulation figures and speculative online chat, music magazine ‘NME’ has been forced to deny that it will be made available for free. Speculation over the possibility of NME going free first started on Facebook and Twitter, although Vice news fanned the flames after asking an ill-informed shopkeeper who said that the NME had already told stockists the magazine was to go free without its usual £2.40 price tag. However, these claims have since been denied. In an update,, stated TIME Inc., UK told the website “"it's untrue that next week's edition is the last paid for issue of NME.” When asked for a statement, a spokesperson for TIME Inc., told The Independent that it did not comment on…


The NME Won’t Go Free… Yet. Advised News NME Won't Go Free

New Music Release Dates To Be Standardised

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 28th February 2015

It has been announced that from the summer of 2015, new music releases will be standardised. New singles and albums will be issued at 00:01 internationally every Friday at local time so music lovers worldwide will know exactly when to look out for the latest releases. The announcement comes after consultations between unions, artists, retailers, record companies and artists. Representatives for thousands of record companies across the globe were involved with the consultations, along with major retailers such as HMV, Spotify, iTunes and Napster. As well as helping to create a sense of occasion, with eager music fans anticipating the new music releases on a Friday, the standardised release date will ease the…


New Music Release Dates To Be Standardised

WHO Urges People To Limit Music Listening

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 5th March 2015

The World Health Organisation has issued a report warning teenagers and young adults to curb their music listening habits to sixty minutes a day to limit the risk of suffering hearing loss. According to statistics from WHO, more than 1 billion teenagers and young adults are in danger of suffering from some degree of hearing loss due to listening to loud music, and it is the popularity of personal audio devices like MP3 players and iPods, and smartphones that are causing the concerns, as well as the often noisy entertainment venues that can leave people at risk. The report, which is called “Making Listening Safe” also noted that nightclubs, sport events and loud bars could leave people in danger of hearing loss…


WHO Urges People To Limit Music Listening Advised News Important News New Music Release Dates To Be Standardised WHO Urges People To Limit Music Listening

Music Boss States Fears Over Free Music Services

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 16th March 2015

Free music streaming is fast taking over and it continues to grow in popularity among music fans, but at the Mobile World Congress debate, which was held in Barcelona in early March, Lohan Presencer from the Ministry of Sound spoke out against streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer. During the debate, Prescencer made clear his concerns over the freemium model and stated he could not see how it was going to be sustainable. Prescencer also went on to say he did not believe the free model used by many sites would help to combat piracy. Instead, Prescencer expressed concerns over how damaging the freemium models might be to the music industry. Prescencer also had plenty to say about the music…


Music Boss States Fears Over Free Music Services Advised News Music Boss States Fears Over Free Music Services

Apple Could Soon Dominate The Music Streaming Market

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 7th April 2015

While Apple is preparing for the re-launch of its Beats acquired streaming service, a new survey by Midas has revealed just how ground-breaking the service could be for the music streaming industry. The new service has been made possible by Apple’s acquisition of Dr Dre’s Beats Music business, which was announced in 2014; if the success of Apple’s music streaming goes as the survey indicates, then it is predicted it could become the largest service of its kind in the world in a relatively short period of time. Midas interviewed 1,000 consumers; 39% of the participants stated they would be willing to pay $7.99 for the service and 10% stated they were likely to sign up. Midas states that if just 15% of Apple’s iTunes users…


Apple Could Soon Dominate The Music Streaming Market Casual News Apple Stream News B News C News D News E News F News G News H News I Next... News

Pandora Is To Be Incorporated Into The Apple Watch

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 10th April 2015

The streaming service Pandora has announced that its service is to be part of the new Apple watch. Writing in a post on the official Pandora blog, Chris Martin, Chief Technology Officer, said Pandora had been with the iPhone and the iPad since the official launch, and Pandora would be available on the new watch from the start. Users of Pandora will have the ability to listen to their tracks efficiently, and songs that are currently playing can be easily viewed by taking a quick glance at the “Now Playing” screen. “We are always on the lookout for the devices that are going to be immensely popular, and we feel that the Apple Watch marks another occasion to provide the best lean-back music experience. We also recognize that…


Pandora Is To Be Incorporated Into The Apple Watch

SoundCloud Announces Partnership With Zefr

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 14th April 2015

SoundCloud have announced a new partnership with Zefr. The deal will make is possible to monetise more of the tracks that are currently available on SoundCloud. SoundCloud, which allows artists to upload their content to the site, share it, and gain feedback on it, first introduced a paid advertising program on its site in 2014, which gave content producers the ability to earn money from their uploaded work by allowing the inclusion of ads and subscriptions. SoundCloud’s partnership with Zefr will help to build a better understanding of how content is shared on the site, and TechCrunch reports that the deal could help pave the way for further earning opportunities for content creators such as earning revenue from subscription…


SoundCloud Announces Partnership With Zefr Pandora Apple Watch Zefr SoundCloud Casual News Advised News

Grooveshark Shuts Its Doors For Good

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 4th May 2015

After ten years of operations, US-based streaming website Grooveshark as ceased it operations after a lengthy legal battle.  Losing a copyright-infringement case against several high profile record labels, the music streaming site shut down as a condition of the settlement. Whilst having a ten year history that included massive levels of success, particularly in between 2009-11, Groovesharks biggest mistake was their approach to building their catalogue of music. Conventional music streaming website such as Spotify rely on licensing deals with artists and record labels, whereas Grooveshark was built around uploads from users. As the message on Groveshark’s website states “We started out nearly ten years ago with the goal…


Grooveshark Shuts Its Doors For Good

Apple’s Forcing Hand As Spotify Ups Its Game

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 8th May 2015

The battle lines for music streaming superiority appear to have been drawn, with juggernaut Spotify rolling out a special deal of 3 months of streaming for just $1. The offer seems too good to be true, but it is part of a bigger picture that sees Spotify trying to tighten its grip, whilst Apple hopes to take a large slice of the pie. Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world. With streaming taking over form the more traditionally popular method of downloading, there is plenty of potential in the market, and Apple wants to force its way in, with plans to unveil their new streaming service in June. Spotify works on two levels, a free ad based subscription in which users pay no fees, yet listen to adverts are regular…


Apple’s Forcing Hand As Spotify Ups Its Game Advised News Advised News Grooveshark Spotify

Spotify’s Challenge of Profitable Music Streaming

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 13th May 2015

Spotify is leading the way in music streaming services. The Swedish based company appeared seemingly out of nowhere in 2008, and it has since gone on to shape just how consumers are listening to their music. Recent years have showing increasing challenges facing the service, including the viability of having most of its subscribers using the free based subscription option. 2014 was therefore a very polarising year for Spotify. They reached annual profits of over €1 billion for the first time in the company’s existence. It is up from €746 million from the previous year, a year on year increase of 45%. So surely it’s a cause for celebration? Looking at their net loss raises some worries however, as it has significantly increased…


Spotify’s Challenge of Profitable Music Streaming

Streaming Has Officially Overtaken Download Sales

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 15th May 2015

With many companies’ reportedly lobbying music labels not to renew contracts with streaming giants Spotify, the head of Warner Music Group has come out in defence of streaming services offering free streaming subtractions. After his company Time Warner recently announced that their download sales have officially been taken over by streaming revenue, Stephen Cooper has warned rivals “to think very carefully”. WMG has shown in increase in the first quarter of 2015, with the labels revenue growing to $677 million – a 4% year on year increase, giving a profit of $19 million. The amount of income from streaming has increase a massive 33% showing that the change in the market is very apparent. As Cooper states…


Streaming Has Officially Overtaken Download Sales Advised News Important News Spotify Logo Warner Music Group

The BPI Has a New Copyright Protection Portal

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 8th June 2015

One of the biggest downsides to the amazing capabilities of the modern digital age is the fact that copyright infringement is so rife online. Movies, television and of course music are all at the whims of various websites that provide methods of consuming these creative properties without as much as a bit of recognition for their creators. Luckily more is being done to help protect artists and their intellectual properties, as witness by the British Phonographic Industry’s latest (BPI) announcement. At the recent Midem press conference held in Cannes on June 6th, BPI revealed their new Copyright Protection Portal. It has been created with the intention of being able to help the various workers of the music industry – record labels…


BPI Has a New Copyright Protection Portal

HMV Finally Commits To Vinyl Sales

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 11th June 2015

HMV has decided to commit to selling LP vinyl’s after sales of the records grew to their highest numbers in years. Sales between 2013 and 2014 showed a significant increase, rising from 110,000 to 325,000. So taking this into account, the retail outlet aims to up its LP offerings this year, targeting father’s day with plenty of exclusives and discounts on all of their LPs. It will take place on the week prior to father’s day, which falls on June 21st, and is part of HMV Loves Vinyl campaign. The mentioned exclusives are tailored towards father’s day gifts, with exclusives available on Saturday 20th that includes the likes of Paul Simon, Black Sabbath, Morrissey, Joni Mitchel along with the Blade Runner soundtrack, with …


HMV Finally Commits To Vinyl Sales Advised News Casual News HMV Logo BPI Logo

High Court Makes Ripping Music Illegal Once More

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 21st July 2015

Politicians voted in a new law last year that allowed people to burn copies of music and film they had bought for private use. The previous law made any of this illegal, meaning you were technically breaking the law when you ripped a copy of CD to use in the car or burn DVDs onto a laptop to watch later. All of that has now been changed – again. Once again, any products you buy such as DVDs and CDs can no longer be copied onto other devices, including MP3 players, PCs, phones and anything else that is deemed a copy. Under the previous law that was brought into place in October last year, you could do this for private use, allowing you to copy films and movies onto your digital libraries on your private devices. Legal…


High Court Makes Ripping Illegal Once More

New Copyright Laws Could See Pirates Getting 10 Years

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 27th July 2015

Copyright law as slowly evolved as technology progresses, particularly in regards to digital theft. Much easier to do and with fewer little consequences than physical theft, potential new laws are aiming to raise the stakes for would-be pirates of digital copyrighted materials. The government has currently revealed outlines for this, which could see anyone found guilty of copyright infringement facing as long as 10 years in prison. Under current laws, anyone found guilty of commercial copyright infringement can expect up to two years in prison. The new law would see a massive increase for this punishment, which has been revealed after consultations in regards to intellectual property, took place. The most common form of online…


New Laws Could See Pirates Getting 10 Years Important News Music Copyright Music Piracy Advised News

UK Music Streaming Hits Half Billion Weekly Landmark

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 5th August 2015

Anyone still harbouring doubts about the legitimate status of music streaming will want to take note, as over 500 million songs were streamed in just one week in the UK. With 505 million songs having been streamed in the week ending July 16, it would appear that music streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal and Google Play are breaking even more records, as they continue to revolutionise the way music is consumed. With artists such as Ed Sheeran and Rihanna leading the way as some of the most popular artist available on streaming services, the numbers for streaming have increased almost double on last year’s figures, in a year that continues to showcase the rise of streaming services. Mark Ronson dominated…


UK Music Streaming Hits Half Billion Weekly Landmark Important News UK Music Streaming