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Interviews & Tutorials

The Pro Audio Web Blog Interviews & Tutorials section of the site is where we interview some of the leading figureheads in the music industry, provide informative and interesting tutorials, gig reviews, specialist articles, and tips and tricks to help you on your way to becoming a star! If you have any questions or requests, then please let us know via the Contact Us page and we shall endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

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Article: #TechandXmas

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Article #BiffyClyroInterview

An Interview With Biffy Clyro

Ines Punessen - 24th March 2014

In an exclusive Biffy Clyro interview at 'New Pop' festival in Baden Baden Ines Punessen, multimedia freelance journalist for many publications, including The Pro Audio Web Blog, trys to gain an insight into the workings of this brilliant band. Questions Include: Biffy Clyro got signed to independent label Beggars Banquet around 2000 and you stayed with them for your first three records. How important was it for you as a band to be given the time to further develop at an indie label?... What were the first things you did after finding out that Opposites went to #1 in the UK?... I read that releasing Opposites as a double album was also a means to sort of put up some resistance to the public’s one song consumption patterns and…

How Can Technology Get You The Best Xmas Deals

Kris Gamble - 23rd November 2013

It’s that time of year again. Love it or loath it, the next month will be filled with advent calendars, wrapping paper and stressing out about getting the right present for your loved ones, without spending a fortune. So, how can technology help you treat friends and family without dreading January’s bank statement? Last year, nearly 10% of online shopping took place on a smartphone, tablet or iPad, with 25-34 year olds the most likely to buy Christmas gifts through a mobile device or tablet (SDL, December 2012). The research also found that, unsurprisingly, convenience and price were top of the list when it came down to shopping online last Christmas; online discounts (36.8%), getting the best deal (31.9%) and…

Article: #MusicandHigherEducation

Music and Higher Education - A Paradigm Shift

Pedro Catella - 19th November 2013

Modern music courses in Further and Higher Education are growing at an exponential rate across the UK and Europe. But in something so fickle and tempestuous as the music industry, can education really keep up with the changing times? Most universities in the United Kingdom now offer some kind of popular or modern music courses to prospective students; publicly-funded (like Leeds University) or private institutions (such as SSR, SAE or BIMM) devoted to the exploration of infinite career possibilities within an industry that is so eye-catching and influential in society… even downright mysterious. What this allows for is a more informed perspective on the beautiful art and science that is music; more people are…

Article: #MakingMusicGoodForBusiness

Kris Gamble: Making Music Good For Business

Kris Gamble - 7th October 2013

Imagine increasing your shop’s profit margins by simply playing music. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Latest figures from has found that 90% of shoppers are more likely to select a shop that was playing music over one that was not; 90% of shoppers are more likely to recommend a shop with music playing, 81% of employers believe music improves the morale of their employees and 23% of shoppers would be willing to pay 5% more for goods if music was played while they shopped. The figures speak for themselves. A background music system is good for business; it can increase footfall, customer spend, as well as staff motivation. A system can cost from as little…

Article: #JohnBroomhallInterview

An Interview With Games Music Composer - John Broomhall

Edd Harris & John Broomhall - 6th September 2013

John Broomhall is a multi-faceted independent music and audio creative with many years' experience in both the music and videogames industries, a number of senior in-house and outsourced management roles under his belt and dozens of published titles to his credit. He is a composer/producer, audio director/consultant, sound effects designer and voice director, as well as an accomplished live and studio session keyboard player, bass & drums programmer, composer, producer and songwriter (published by Allied Songwriters/Notting Hill Music). His prolific career, which also includes working as a game development manager, encompasses contributions to global hits such as the original…

Article: #EQConcepts

EQ Concepts: A Quick and Dirty Guide to EQ'ing

Aaron Kusterer - 31st August 2013

Treble, mid, bass. High frequency, low frequency. These terms all relate to the EQ (or equalizer) for any sort of aural vibration and its accompanying adjustment. Without going into a large amount of detail on the inner workings of the ear and how it picks up sound, there are good and bad frequencies and the goal of a mix engineer is to make the best parts of his mix stand out to the listener without killing them. Getting a mix to that point though is much easier said than done. First off, you want to have a good, clean recording of all the instruments involved. And secondly, you have to get them to sound nice together through a pair of speakers. One of the first things to do is to utilize an EQ. But before we can start Eq’ing…

Article: #KrisGambleInterview

An Interview With Kris Gamble

Kris Gamble - 14th June 2013

I live and work in the Highlands of Scotland and I’m a happily married father of one. My work history is a blend of military, commercial and residential installations. I served for 7 years as a Royal Air Force electronics technician specialising in telecommunications. My expertise in fibre optic and copper cabling meant I was involved in installations worldwide.. After leaving the RAF in 2006 I worked with a private telecom firm, project managing business telephone and data network installations. In 2008 I undertook my own self-build home project and flood wired the property with Cat 6 cable as a future ready measure and this sparked the idea of starting the Highlands’ first custom install company. Customised was founded in 2008…

Article: #SmartHomeTechnology

Want a Pad Like Jay Z & Beyoncé But Don't Have the Funds?

Kris Gamble - 14th June 2013

Smart home technology is fast becoming a must have for the home and for the work place.  The long held opinion that only the rich and famous could afford the luxury of smart home technology and that a home cinema was only ever seen on MTV’s Cribs, is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.  As technology continues to advance at breakneck speed, the result has been a competitive technology market where companies strive to provide high quality at low cost. So, how do you go about impressing your friends and family with your multi-room audio systems and home cinemas without spending a year’s salary in one go? I’ve handpicked a couple of items that will instantly transform your home, without the price tag. Products…

Article: #DosandDonts

The Do’s and Don’ts When Mixing

Chris Pavey - 28th May 2013

In this short tutorial that we have for you we detail some of the top twenty do's and don'ts in record production. Some of the facts that you will be presented with might not have crossed your mind before, but nevertheless these are some general rules that you want to remember. Even if you feel like you are a pro record producer it is still important to keep to certain limits in your line of work. It is so important that you don't waste more time than you need to or fall over silly mistakes that can take hours to remedy. In the past we have all made the odd mistakes, here and there, but this article is here to help you maintain a professional reputation for when The Pro Audio Web Blog cannot come to your rescue so easily…

Article: #SideChainCompression

How To Use Side-Chain Compression

Edd Harris & Chris Pavey - 27th May 2013

Having the right plugins or hardware is brilliant, but knowing how to exploit your equipment to its extents is the goal I strive to achieve each day in my professional capacity. So here for you is another recording 101 article - Side-Chain compression. The term 'side-chaining', also referred to parallel routing compression, simply means the splitting of an original signal and routing one of the parent signals through a alternative audio path. An example of this is splitting a guitar signal to send to a reverb unit, and then mixing the ‘wet’ reverb signal back with the ‘dry’ to end up with a either a hybrid signal output, or a 100% fully automated levelling for a group of instruments sent down a bus. Today, however, we will be discussing the art…

Article: #SmartphonePayments

The Smartphone Card Reader - A Musicians Payment Revolution

Edd Harris - 20th March 2013

For years now the smartphone has been an incredibly innovative technological revolution where the original intention of a mobile phone, to converse via text or phone, is almost an afterthought. In our modern age we are so fortunate with the fact that we essentially carry around a portable computer in our pocket that we often forget what life was like without it. Constantly manufactures are in an a sort of 'arms race', fighting against the bureaucracy of patent royalty payments whilst trying to out-trump each others marketed hardware performance and features. From that perspective it doesn't really matter to us what hardware we use, we still demand the smartphone so what do we care who's got what? Thankfully Apple…

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Article: #robwattsinterview

Rob Watts Interview - Chord Hugo DAC Designer

Edd Harris - 3rd August 2014

When we reviewed the Chord Hugo it was immediately clear to us that this was not just another product, it was something very special. Subsequently, Edd Harris interviews the transportable Chord Electronics Hugo DAC/AMP designer; Robert Watts. In this interview we ask Rob questions that take us through the entire design process. At the same time we discover what led Rob to become one of the worlds finest DAC chip designers and uncover what might be coming in the future from Chord Electronics. Throughout this interview you will be able to understand just how important Hugo has been to the international HiFi and Pro Audio communities. Finally, we exclusively uncover why Rib prefers Red Book to DSD…

An Interview With Rob Watts - Chord Hugo DAC Designer An Interview With Rob Watts - Chord Hugo DAC Designer Interviews & Tutorials - Page 2 Interviews & Tutorials - Page 2