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Welcome to The Pro Audio Web Blog! This is the definitive Pro-Audio and Hi-Fi website that is built around you. Here we offer you a place you network, provide you with only the most exclusive and latest relevant music industry news, reviews that give you a real understanding into how a product functions, a clear explanation and exploration of pro-audio practices, exclusive interviews, and tutorials that take you to the heart of the action.

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Jack White Cuts Single In Under Four Hours

Edd Harris - 20th April 2014

With record store upon us American singer songwriter Jack White of the former The White Stripes has cut a two track single from start to finish in under four hours. At 10am White took to the stage at Nashvilles Third Man Records to perform the name day track from his forthcoming Lazeretto album, and a special B-Side cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘Power of My Love’. Behind the scenes, the FOH live sound was fed in real time to an acetate master disk cutter where fans could monitor its performance…


UK Music Downloads Could Face Price Hike Amid Loophole Closure

Cassettes, CD’s, & Vinyl Up Amongst Young Adults

Edd Harris - 16th April 2014

With music streaming and virtual music download stores cashing in on users spontaneity and the on demand culture, research by the ICM Group has surprisingly shown that the 18 to 24 year-old age group is more likely to buy a physical copy of music. Out of the 2,030 young adults surveyed, 23% purchased a lossy cassette tape, 57% bought a CD, over half bought a vinyl record, and, strangely enough, only 39% had bought an online music download. What this survey clearly shows us is that...


Google Pins Piracy on Pricing and Availability of Downloads

UK Music Downloads Could Face Price Hike

Edd Harris - 25th March 2014

Currently over 34,000 UK digital music distributors choose to site offices in Luxembourg to both competitively price downloads and to take advantage of a tax levy that allows these platforms to pay less tax. At the time of writing, in the UK, homeland businesses have to pay a fixed 20% tax to the government, |whereas a business sited in Luxembourg is subject to their own national tax of 15%. Even if these platforms only operate within the UK, our national government issues a 5% tax levy...

Article: #taxloopmusichike

Google Pins Piracy on Pricing and Availability

TPAWB Contributor - 19th March 2014

This is not the first time Google have been in the news recently. They were in the news last year, when they stated that their main philosophy was to crack down on torrent sites that infringe the original works. However, this year, this is a philosophy that is being challenged by the IFPI. Google's answer to not being able to demote links, which may be affiliated with the torrent sites is, apparently down to an "availability and pricing problem". Google said that downloading music…

Article: #googlepricingpiracy

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